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Fifa 17 The Game
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 1. The formation / What's formation suits my plan and my tactics?

If you have a plan ready and a tactic that's missing is a suitable formation to be fully prepared. In FIFA 17, I recommend you to play with at least two strikers because is relatively difficult to play because of advanced defense, a Stümer. The passports are often intercepted. My tip:. 4-2-2-2 or the classic 4-3-3 , but is also true here: practice makes perfect! FIFA 17 Ultimate team hack

2. Playmaking in FIFA 17
By greatly improved positional play in FIFA 17it has become much harder to build a safe game. Patience is the key factor here. Build your game quiet and prefers to play several times a defender back, until a secure fit option. Here it is necessary to omit in a confined space, the Sprint button so your players stay mobile for quick rotations. This year mistakes are punished harder in the building game than before. Astuce Fifa 17 ultimate team

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